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Give Your Damaged Tooth a Second Chance

You might think that a damaged or injured tooth is beyond help, but your dentist can restore and reinforce it with a dental crown. A dental dental crownscrown looks, feels, and functions just like the outer enamel of a healthy tooth. It is actually even stronger. Let the team at Harris Parkway Dental Care in Fort Worth, TX give your damaged tooth a second chance with a crown.

Does Your Smile Need a Dental Crown?
With a visual examination and X-rays, your dentist will help you determine if a dental crown is the ideal treatment for your particular case. Here are a few clues that your smile may benefit from a dental crown:

- A tooth is changing colors and cannot be whitened with bleaching solutions.
- The edges of the tooth are rough, jagged, and worn-down.
- One tooth is smaller than the others.
- A tooth has recently been treated with root canal therapy.
- A missing tooth can be replaced with a bridge device (two crowns are needed).

The Resilience of a Dental Crown
A dental crown is even more resilient, tough, and beautiful compared to your natural tooth before it lost its strength, color, and glossy luster. Crowns are most commonly made of a porcelain material, which makes them very attractive and strong. Your custom crown can last for 10 or more years after its installed by your Fort Worth dentist.

How a Crown Is Made and Installed
A dental crown is handcrafted by a specialist who uses your unique tooth impression to decide how it should be shaped and sized. The outer enamel will be removed from the affected tooth before the impression is taken. Your dentist will hand-contour and shape the crown so that it fits in perfectly with the rest of your teeth. A strong bonding material is used to attach the crown to your tooth (which is now called an abutment). When installed, it will be indistinguishable from your other teeth in terms of color, size, and shape.

See Your Dentist for a Crown Consultation
After careful consideration and examination, your Fort Worth, TX dentist will tell you if you need a crown. Contact Dr. Brad McConnell at Harris Parkway Dental Care by calling (817) 423-2223 today.

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