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  • 5 Ways to a Beautiful Wedding Day Smile
    Since the early Roman times, couples have prized the month of June as the most favorable time to exchange their marriage vows. If you and your betrothed are planning a Read more
  • Which Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure Is Right for You?
    Discover the most popular cosmetic treatments available in Fort Worth, TX. Can you imagine how great it would feel if you felt completely confident in your smile? Imagine smiling for Read more
  • Transform Your Smile and Dental Health by Correcting Your Bad Bite
    When planning for your new smile, we look at more than the condition of individual teeth. We also step back for the bigger “bite” picture: how do the teeth look Read more
  • How Dental Implants Can Complete Your Smile
    If you're missing teeth due to decay, trauma or gum disease, all is not lost. Modern dental science offers a tooth replacement so lifelike, patients cannot distinguish between their real Read more
  • Show Off Your Best Possible Smile
    What can your cosmetic dentist in Fort Worth, TX, do for you? He can help you show off your best possible smile. Yes, aesthetic dental treatments with Dr. Brad McConnell Read more
  • Dental Magic Transforms Smiles
    Magician Michel Grandinetti can levitate a 500-pound motorcycle, melt into a 7-foot-tall wall of solid steel, and make borrowed rings vanish and reappear baked inside bread. Yet the master illusionist Read more
  • How to Deal With Missing Teeth
    If you're tired of dealing with the dietary restrictions and decline in your appearance since losing some or all of your teeth, you're in luck. At Harris Parkway Dental in Read more
  • Cosmetic Services to Boost Your Smile
    There are so many wonderful cosmetic services that could reshape and boost your smile. The world of cosmetic dentistry is pretty amazing. Our Fort Worth, TX, cosmetic dentist Dr. Brad McConnell Read more
  • The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry
    Thinking about getting cosmetic dentistry? Find out the advantages of treatment. Our Fort Worth, TX dentist, Dr. Brad McConnell, has just received examined your smile and told you that your teeth and Read more
  • Jason Derulo's Ideal Match
    When the multi-platinum recording artist, songwriter and TV personality Jason Derulo was recently asked about his ideal woman, his answer covered a remarkably broad spectrum. "There’s no specific thing," he Read more
  • Cosmetic Dentists Give You a Smile That Gives You Confidence
    It's hard to feel confident if you're embarrassed about the way your teeth look. Whether the imperfection is large or small, cosmetic dentistry treatments can help you feel proud of Read more
  • Spice Up Your Teeth
    As a member of the best-selling pop group Spice Girls, Mel C (AKA Sporty Spice) enjoyed her share of musical superstardom. At the band’s peak in the Nineties, the young Read more
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones' Award-Winning Smile
    She received an academy award for best supporting actress in Chicago (2002); she regularly stars in big Hollywood films like Oceans Twelve and Side Effects. And she’s been named one Read more
  • Did You Know? Matinee Idol James Dean Had False Front Teeth!
    Imagine how different things would have been for movie star James Dean, had he not managed to replace the front teeth he lost as a youngster. According to one biography Read more
  • Porcelain Veneers: How Long Will They Last?
    If your teeth are stained and discolored, misshapen or too small, porcelain veneers may be just the opportunity to treat yourself to a beautiful smile that can last for decades. Read more

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