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Dental Bridges – Fort Worth , TX 

Make Your Perfect Smile Complete!


If you’re missing teeth, you’re probably well aware that it can completely change the way that you feel about yourself and your smile. It can completely sap your self-esteem, as well as your ability to use your teeth to their fullest extent.

Thankfully, you don’t just have to live with gaps in your teeth. If you’re near Fort Worth, TX, dental bridges from Harris Parkway Dental Care can make your perfect smile complete. If you’re interested in learning more, make an appointment with us so we can talk about your options.

Why Choose Harris Parkway Dental Care For Dental Bridges? 

  • High-Quality Materials for Perfect Restorations
  • Experienced Dental Team with Your Best Interest in Mind
  • Accepts All PPO Insurance Plans

What is a Dental Bridge?

3D model of a dental bridge

Broadly speaking, dental bridges consist of two dental crowns with a false tooth sandwiched in between them. They’re used for replacing anywhere from one to four teeth that are situated right next to each other—if you’re missing any more than that, another kind of tooth replacement may be a better option.

Dental bridges tend to made from some kind of ceramic, often porcelain or another tooth-colored material.

Types of Dental Bridges

Dental crown on a model of the teeth

There are two main kinds of dental bridges, and which one you should invest in depends on the particulars of your situation. We’ll be able to advise you better when we meet you in person, but here’s what you should know before then.

Traditional Dental Bridges

Dental bridge on a table

Traditional dental bridges are connected to the teeth themselves, affording the false teeth a level of stability that comes from your natural ones. This comes without any need for surgery. This makes this method of tooth replacement excellent for people who aren’t interested in invasive treatment. 

Implant Bridges

Model of implant dentures

On the other hand, implant bridges are held in place by two dental implants with a long string of false teeth placed on top of them. This gives your dental bridge additional stability and longevity when compared to a traditional alternative. You also won’t need to modify any healthy teeth in order to get your new dental bridge.

The Benefits of Getting a Dental Bridge

Someone with a nice smile

If you’re missing teeth, leaving a gap in your smile can cause some serious problems. It’s common for the surrounding teeth to move in and fill the hole, leading to serious misalignment. This is in addition to the decreased confidence and the difficulty in eating that may be associated with tooth loss.

Dental bridges make it easy to replace teeth that you’ve lost, so if you’re missing a few, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with us today!