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Dental Implant Failure & Salvage – Fort Worth, TX

Saving Your Smile

Did you know that dental implants typically have a 95% success rate when placed by a trusted implant dentist? After 10 years, if they are properly maintained, that success rate usually sits within the range of 90-95%. However, a failed dental implant in Fort Worth can occur, especially if you’re neglecting your oral hygiene routine or suffer serious facial trauma. At Harris Parkway Dental Care, we want our patients to have the reassurance of knowing we are ready to implement appropriate methods of treatment should this happen to them. Contact us today to find out more about dental implant salvage and how it can be used to restore your smile.

Why Do Dental Implants Fail?

Woman with a failed dental implant in Fort Worth

The most common reason for a dental implant to fail is peri-implantitis. If you’re unfamiliar with this word, not to worry, as it is highly uncommon among most patients. Similar to gum disease, peri-implantitis occurs when an infection attacks the gum tissues surrounding your implants, causing them to become red and inflamed. Bleeding can also occur. If left untreated, not only will your gum tissues become damaged, but your jawbone will also deteriorate, causing your dental implants in Fort Worth to loosen and eventually fall out.

Other potential reasons for implant failure include severe facial trauma, the inability for osseointegration to successfully complete, or your overall health being compromised due to a condition or autoimmune disease.

Symptoms of Failed Dental Implants

Failed dental implant in Fort Worth

If you believe you might be dealing with a failed dental implant, you’ll likely notice one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Swelling and possible bleeding surrounding your dental implant(s)
  • Loose dental implant
  • Increasing pain after your oral surgery
  • Difficulty biting down or chewing
  • Small pocket of pus forming around the dental implant

How Dental Implant Salvage Works

Man with tooth pain in Fort Worth

At Harris Parkway Dental Care, we are pleased to provide patients with failed dental implants with a safe, effective, and unique approach to treatment – dental implant salvage. After examining your smile and determining the cause of your implant failure, we can fabricate a personalized treatment plan that includes the type of care you will receive as well as the cost involved.

If peri-implantitis is the culprit, we will use periodontal therapy to improve your gum health and determine if you require a bone graft to help restore any lost jawbone density. If possible, we will attempt this procedure without removing your dental implant. However, if severe trauma or peri-implantitis causes too much damage, we will need to remove the implant and treat the area so your gums and bone heal. Only then can we discuss the potential of filling your vacated socket with a new dental implant.

Failed osseointegration typically requires thorough discussions as to why it happened and identifying ways to curb bad habits (i.e., smoking), so you can enjoy a smile that will last a lifetime.